A Guideline of Services Second to None

Initial Meeting

We sit down with you at your convenience so that we can get a better idea of what you would like to achieve with your project. We offer ideas and suggestions through design in order to turn your vision into working drawings. We want to understand your goals so you feel confident about choosing JKC as your builder.

Sub-contractor Pre-Bid Conference

It is important that any pricing we give you is as accurate as possible. With this in mind we arrange for a pre-bid conference on site where we give our sub-contractors a Scope of Work and walk them through the project. This way when we receive the pricing we can be assured that there are no misunderstandings on what you would like us to do. You are welcome to be at the walk through but it is not a prerequisite, we know your time is valuable.

Bidding Process & Proposal

Once we have received all the written bids from our sub-contractors we put together a detailed Proposal of all the costs. The Proposal shows categories of what we will be doing with a grand total (line item costs are provided at the time you decide to move forward with JKC) as well as an explanation of what is or isn't included under each category. We are fully invested to giving you the best product possible.

Presentation of Proposal

We will meet with you to present the Proposal (pricing) and answer any questions you may have. Our Design Coordinator will chat briefly with you to find out what ideas you have on any selections you would need to make.

Contract Documents

We will send you contract documents which will consist of a Construction Agreement, Proposal (pricing), Scope of Work and Schedule. Once the contract documents are received we will apply for any necessary City or County permits, or Homeowners Association approval should they be needed.


Now the fun begins... you will work closely with our Design Coordinator to select your finishes, from flooring to cabinets, appliances to plumbing and electrical fixtures, paint and much much more. Our Design Coordinator will arrange to take you to the local stores or bring samples to your home and if you are a second home owner information on products will be sent to you. In this day and age where everything is so accessible by internet selections can be made online at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home. Whatever works for you. We know that it can be daunting deciding what you want in your home and our goal is to make this process as easy and worry free as possible!


You will be introduced to your Project Manager who will be your point of contact and the person responsible for everything that happens on site. Your Project Manager will give you regular updates on progress by e-mail along with photos and will set-up face-to-face meetings at key times during construction. Jeff meets or at least talks to our Project Managers on a daily basis to a make sure that we are on time and on budget and so he is fully involved with what is happening on site. If you are a second home owner you will be asked to attend a "rough trade walk through". This is when your Project Manager and/or Jeff will meet you on site to go over cabinets, electrical, heating, etc. Your cabinet layout will be drawn on the floor so that you can see exactly how big your vanity sink base will be and you can confirm you do need a second bank of drawers in the kitchen. You can decide exactly where you want that ceiling fan and where it would be switched from. Not everyone is able to visualize from paper and for those who have a problem this is the perfect chance to see what you are getting before it is completed. Sometimes you just need to see something in person before making an important decision. At this stage you can make changes and additions without the cost of tear out - Jeff has a saying "Easy now, hard later" and how true that is!

Final Walk Through with Homeowner

This is the last step in providing you with your vision and we know that we are not done until you are 110% happy. We will meet with you on site and will go through a comprehensive check list covering everything room by room. We test lights, run dishwashers, open windows, fill the bath tub and in general make sure that everything is in working condition. We note any minor punch items and you sign the check list, a copy of which is sent to you for your records.

After a short period of time we will contact you to let you know that the punch items have been taken care of.

We are committed to giving you a quality product that starts as a house and becomes a home, a place you and your family can enjoy. The best reward is the smile on the faces of our clients who have become part of the JKC family.