Is Your Home in Need of a Facelift?

Do you have a home that needs updating?
Looking for new home amenities but don't want to relocate?
It is amazing what new flooring, cabinetry and countertops, updating plumbing and lighting fixtures and a new coat of paint will do. Increase the value of your home with a "new look" that you will love.

Or do you have a home that you have outgrown?
One of our specialties is adding to an existing home and making it look as though it was built at the same time as the rest of the home. Our goal is that any JKC Inc. home addition doesn't look like an addition!

Unfortunately we’ve all heard of poorly executed remodel. The ones that drag on costing more than promised and upsetting everyone involved. The ones that leave homeowners with a sour taste and a promise never to do that again. Here are a few tips to begin your remodel the correct way:

Make sure you work with a licensed contractor by looking them up on the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website.
JKC Inc. is licensed and insured with an exemplary record.

Be wary of contractors who offer a price far below the quotes you receive from other contractors. Low cost sometimes means low quality or a lack of experience.
JKC Inc. does not profess to be the cheapest or most expensive in Northern Arizona, however we offer a fair price for a great product and guarantee outstanding service.

Make sure your agreement has a balanced payment schedule and timeline.
JKC Inc. provides clients with a written schedule and included in that schedule are when and how much each draw will be, based on completion of certain milestones.

Ask about warranty policies for contractors, subcontractors and materials.
JKC Inc. follows the standard of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors which is a two year warranty on labor with parts and machinery warranty per manufacturer's.

Ask what the policy is for changes to the scope of work.
JKC Inc. provides clients with written Change Orders for any items that are different to the original scope of work. This is for all items whether there is an additional cost, a credit to the client or even if there is no monetary value.

Most important, be sure to get everything in writing.
Prospective clients are provided with a written, detailed proposal in the beginning. Once clients decide to move forward JKC Inc. provides contract documents: a Construction Agreement, a schedule that lists when work is expected to begin/end as well as what work will be completed onsite week by week and finally a draw schedule that lists when payments are due and how much. Our Project Managers provide clients with a weekly email update including progress photographs. At the end of the project clients receive a Walk Through Form that has been completed by The Project Manager and the Home Owner during the final walk through. From the time we receive your first call to handing over the completed project the JKC Inc. team will keep you up to date on each and every phase of your project.

Our team of professionals realizes that we will be a guest in your home and we strive to make your remodel as efficient and non-invasive as possible. For a business where referrals and returning clients make up a large percentage of our work, we know happy clients are priority.